A speaker can make or break a training, a conference keynote, or an annual meeting.

A great speaker needs to be engaging without being too over the top, an expert without being a know-it-all, and be entertaining and informative so when people leave the room they feel like they got something out of your event.

Place + Main Advisors' principals are available to keynote annual meetings, statewide or national conferences, or provide technical trainings to groups. Our presentations are tailored to specific audiences but typical focus on one or more of the following topics:

- Economic Development

- Downtown Redevelopment

- Community Development

- Placemaking

- Public Relations + Communication Strategies

- Marketing

Contact us to see how we can lend our expertise to your event.

What Our Clients Say

"Joe Borgstrom, Principal with Place + Main Advisors has been one of the featured speakers for the Redevelopment Ready Communities Best Practice Training Series since 2016, focused on economic development and marketing & branding. There is a reason he is the final presenter at a two day training, Joe’s enthusiasm and dynamic presentation style keeps the audience engaged. Many of the people attending the RRC trainings aren’t economic development or marketing professionals, but Joe’s method of facilitation meets attendees where they are. He covers the material in a fun and fast paced way, keeping the audience on their toes. He is one of our highest rated presenters and attendees enjoy his sense of humor. Redevelopment Ready Communities has also used Joe for topic-specific regional trainings focused on economic development and marketing. The trainings were extremely successful and I would highly recommend tapping Joe’s skills for your organization’s training needs."

Michelle Parkkonen, AICP
Director, Redevelopment Ready Communities Program
Michigan Economic Development Corporation


"Joe Borgstrom (Principal , Place + Main Advisors) gave a very highly rated series of presentations on Placemaking to Tennessee Main Street communities. He personalized the instruction to each area of the (very long) state which made the downtown revitalization strategies enjoyable and relatable to each community. We would have him back anytime."

Nancy Williams
Director, Tennessee Main Street Program
State of Tennessee


"Joe Borgstrom (Principal , Place + Main Advisors) is a trusted colleague through the National Main Street network. I hired Joe as keynote speaker for the Downtown Delaware March 2016 Revitalize! conference. His creative and engaging comments on the topic of placemaking, from an economic development perspective, were met with enthusiasm and enjoyment. He received many words of praise from revitalization peers and professionals in the audience and I highly recommend Joe for similar services in other states and communities."

Diane Laird
State Coordinator, Delaware Main Street (former)
State of Delaware



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