This service provides a comprehensive, market-based strategy for communities looking to jump start their efforts, or for seasoned organizations looking to take their efforts to the next level. The District Strategy provides a baseline placemaking analysis of the existing condition of the downtown district organized around the Main Street Four Point Approach™; Public meeting and SWOT Analysis of Downtown District; Focus Groups with downtown property owners, business owners, employees and residents; Downtown Market Breakdown (Downtown Retail Opportunities, Downtown Office Opportunities, Downtown Housing Opportunities); Identification of potential Implementation Partners; Placemaking and downtown project recommendations based on market analysis, focus groups, and public SWOT analysis; Full Communication Strategy; Prioritization and work plan facilitation for implementation teams/main street committees.



Developers, redevelopment organizations and communities often have property they want to redevelop, but may not know where to start and how to move from one stage to another. Place & Main Advisors helps these entities understand the development process and what they need to do move from idea to completion. We, both directly and through our network of trusted professionals, can help communities do everything they need in order to redevelop land or buildings where there is a market for it.



Hope is not a strategy. Successful communities think through their assets and strengths and focus their economic development efforts on those areas where they have the greatest possibility for success. The Economic Development Strategy service walks communities through this process and creates a step by step implementation plan based on the strengths and weaknesses of the community and gives them a clear direction on how to move forward. (This product is guaranteed to meet all requirements of the Redevelopment Ready Communities® program for participating communities.)



Redevelopment organizations often struggle with figuring out if a project is "good" and/or if it needs incentives or not. Place & Main Advisors can review and assess project pro formas and business plans and give you a written assessment on a project's viability.



This product is designed to help guide a community in improving its downtown. Similar to the District Strategy, it engages stakeholders in crafting a vision and path forward using Implementation Plans to create transparency and accountability and finite time line to move the downtown from thought to execution. (This product is guaranteed to meet all requirements of the Redevelopment Ready Communities® program for participating communities.)



Place & Main Advisors, LLC has partnered with Pilot Real Estate of Birmingham, Michigan to help communities strategize, list and market redevelopment properties and assist them in recruiting developers and financing to make incredible projects a reality. (Available only in Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi and Nebraska.)



Organizations occasionally need to take a step back and assess where they are and where they want to go. This highly engaging service is available in 4 hour, 8 hour, and full versions depending on the depth of strategic planning desired.



Are the organization’s services and projects geared at the right targets? Can they be used more efficiently? Are they helpful? What else can the organization being doing? This service will examine the organization’s current projects and services, talk with customers and stakeholders and even “secret shop” to provide recommendations on improving services and projects. This assessment can be applied to both local and state organizations/Main Street Coordinating programs alike.



Not a financial audit, but an audit of the program’s results. We work with the organization to develop methods and tools to account for the program’s progress and success that can be communicated to stakeholders. Results from these audits help communities develop a “Return on Investment” they can actively promote to funders.



The development of a full communication strategy including key messages and tactics including topics to inform media on; review of existing and creation of new marketing materials to support overall strategic communications; research and create a media list of key contacts, media publications and outlets, across a variety of areas of interest.



Once you’ve effectively communicated your message, you’ll more than likely receive media attention. How do you work with the media? How do you make the most of interviews? Place & Main Advisors offer workshops to train staff and volunteers in media relations and interviewing techniques to make sure valuable media exposure is leveraged for maximum effectiveness.



The principals of Place & Main Advisors have a strong history of doing keynote speeches and other presentations. Topics range from general placemaking and Main Street basics to more advanced topics like "Big Box Math & the Importance of Buying Local," "Working With Developers," and "Developing a Working Communication Plan."


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