Placemaking. Main Street.


These two terms represent approaches to helping communities revitalize themselves. Both are also terms that are not terribly well understood, but can have a tremendous positive impact on private development and public investment. Knowing what they are, how they work, and how they can benefit your community or development are key to maximizing investment, ensuring long-term stability and setting the stage for growth.


Few consultants understand both Main Street and Placemaking, let alone how they can work TOGETHER.


Place & Main Advisors, LLC knows how these approaches work and how communities and developers can leverage them to create strategies that benefit entire districts and creates the foundation for future success. We believe Placemaking and Main Street projects do not have to be confusing with jargon heavy documents and presentations you need a dictionary to understand. While some aspects can be technical, we believe if our clients can’t understand what we’re saying then there is little hope of making a strategy come to life.


We created our Plain English Promise® with the goal to provide high quality services, grounded in solid experience, built on the best examples from around the country, and brought to you in a way everyone can understand. We help our clients plan out what should happen, step by step, to make strategies become realities.


We don't believe in jargon, we believe in results.



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