Why would a developer pay for our services?  Tree main reasons: Risk Management, value enhancement and a competitive edge. Developers, as part of their asset management strategy do their best to mitigate, or limit, their exposure to risk in a number of areas. They take great care in calculating rates and securing quality tenants that will create not just positive cash flow, but profitable positive cash flow. They look to manage the cost side using new technologies to reduce energy costs and secure their property. By investing in a District Strategy for the surrounding district, they help manage, with a goal of increasing, the value of their property by providing for a quality growth strategy for the surrounding area.


In addition to managing risk and enhancing value, it can give a developer a competitive advantage when bidding or submitting proposals for publicly-owned properties. Showing the developer cares not just about the property, but the surrounding area, gives them a leg up on competition by accurately positioning the developer as community-minded. The cost of the strategy could be built into the overall development cost structure and financed as part of the project's soft costs. If the surrounding district is served by a government or non-profit redevelopment entity, the cost could even potentially be tax deductible.



Whether it's needing a speaker on the current trend of Placemaking or a desire to structure a program around helping communities develop strategies for revitalizing their downtowns and traditional commercial districts, Place & Main Advisors can work with state agencies or associations to meet their needs. Our real world experience combined with our in-depth knowledge of research, tactics and solutions for better places and great downtowns will give your agency or association additional expertise with the flexibility of not having to bring on full time employees.



All too often state Main Street coordinating programs find themselves over-extended and understaffed. There's barely time to deliver core services let alone strategic plan or offer new services. Coordinators find themselves trying to figure out how to either bring along a new community or challenge a well performing one. They're under pressure to tie into Placemaking efforts but feel overwhelmed and that no one is listening to them. Place & Main Advisors understands this and, using their extensive knowledge of Main Street and Placemaking, can help.

From strategic planning and program evaluations that can be used to help justify additional resources; to stand alone downtown strategies to help bring individual downtowns and districts to the next level; to the creation of a comprehensive communications plan to let your customers and stakeholders know what's going on with your program and the communities you serve, Place & Main Advisors are here to help your coordinating program.



The heart and soul of everything we do is about making downtowns and traditional commercial districts great places. Whether we're helping a community develop a District Strategy or doing an Organizational Assessment, Accountability Audit, Communications Plan, or any other service, we walk our clients through each step of the process to develop actual executable work plans that help lay out a step by step approach to getting things done. Our work aims to help local downtowns and districts bring their "A game" to create healthy, vibrant places that retain and attract businesses and residents as well as raise the value of the overall district. We believe in true economic development: the ability for every business owner, property owner and resident to benefit from an inclusive strategy that makes their downtown or district the best it can be.




Here's a list of some of our clients:


Michigan Economic Development Corporation


North Carolina Department of Commerce - Rural Development Division


Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development


State of Delaware - Small Business, Development & Tourism Division


Wisconsin Downtown Action Council




City of Monroe (Michigan) Downtown Development Authority


City of River Rouge, Michigan


Village of Newberry, Michigan


City of Hillsdale, Michigan


City of Evart, Michigan


City of Charlotte, Michigan


City of Grayling, Michigan


City of Sandusky, Michigan


Village of Central Lake, Michigan


Village of Paw Paw, Michigan


Village of Lennon, Michigan



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